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If you are looking for air conditioning repair services in Pompano Beach, Florida, chances are you may be in a position where you have a malfunctioning HVAC unit. Some homeowners wonder if their AC units can even be repaired, or if they will have to replace the entire HVAC system, while others wonder whether AC maintenance plans are worth it. In this article, we will touch on all of these questions and more, so that you are prepared in the event your air conditioning unit either stops working or demonstrates a dip in efficiency or performance.

Can Air Conditioners Be Repaired?

If you’ve ever paid for an HVAC replacement, you know how spendy they can be. Sometimes costing as much as $12,000 for a complete system rehaul, most home and business owners will want to do some investigating as to whether or not air conditioning units can be repaired. The short answer to this question is that most problems with AC units can be diagnosed and fixed by a professional technician without requiring a full system replacement.

Some signs that you may need to call air conditioning repair services in Pompano Beach, Florida include higher than usual utility bills, repairs that would cost as much as half the cost of a total replacement, and loud noises or leaks coming from the unit itself. Keep in mind that, unless you are trained in HVAC maintenance, this is a job that is typically best left to the pros for optimal results.

Where Was Air Conditioning Invented, and Why?

Strangely enough, the first air conditioning unit was actually invented around the turn of the 20th century by an engineer named Willis Haviland Carrier. He began working with a Brooklyn, NY printing press to help them solve their excess humidity problem as a result of the printing process and local climate conditions, which caused the pages of their magazine to curl and become damaged. By 1902, he came up with a system resembling the modern AC unit, which sent air through cold water-filled coils to cool the surrounding air while also reducing its moisture content. While the original invention was created to reduce atmospheric humidity, Carrier couldn’t help but notice the convenient byproduct of simultaneous cooling the surrounding air—a perk that caused his invention to take off to the degree that HVAC systems are now an integral part of roughly 90% of American households.

Why Air Conditioning Repair Should Happen Regularly

As we mentioned previously, HVAC systems can cost a pretty penny—especially for more modern, efficient models. Common reasons people opt to install a brand-new HVAC system include:

·      Increased efficiency and therefore lower utility bills

·      Adding resale value to their home

·      Upgrading to a newer model

·      Multiple and extensive repairs needed at once

The best way to care for your new HVAC unit is to have it routinely serviced and inspected—at a minimum of once a year. This typically costs around $100 or so for a professional to come and check your system for refrigerant leaks, airflow obstructions, dirty or clogged air filters, electrical issues, and more. This annual fee becomes a small price to pay for maintaining the value of your HVAC system, keeping your monthly power bill as low as possible, and preventing any potential issues that might spring up if the unit was otherwise left unattended. This can also prevent larger scale, hugely expensive repairs—and even reduce the need to replace your unit more frequently than the average of 10-25 years.

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Are Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans Worth It?

Especially in climates where HVAC units are working year-round, it is generally considered good practice to have your AC system serviced at least once a year—ideally every six months or so, particularly if the unit is always working, both day and night. Finding an HVAC company that offers annual or contractual maintenance plans can be a good way to not only establish a relationship with a quality local technician and to build trust with a reliable company over time. This also helps reduce the need to think about reaching out to your HVAC service every year—and some companies may even offer bundle discounts for air conditioning repair services in Pompano Beach, Florida. Have more questions about air conditioning maintenance plans? Contact the professionals at Lucas Technical Air today!

Is Air Conditioning Repair Expensive?

Of course, while the extent of the damage to various parts is going to ring up different costs for repairs, almost always, repairs will be cheaper than the cost of a full system replacement. However, a general rule of thumb is that if the cost of repairs needed for your current HVAC unit reaches half the price of a completely new system, it is generally a better move to just replace the whole thing entirely. This is because you will be adding value rather than maintaining what is currently a rather low-value, low-functioning system. Should you ever decide to sell your home or business, a brand-new HVAC unit makes your property all the more palatable to future buyers. For reference, depending on the severity of the problem, HVAC repairs can cost from $100 to $600, on average.

Best Air Conditioning Repair Services in Pompano Beach Florida

When it comes to selecting between air conditioning repair services in Pompano Beach, Florida, the primary thing you’ll want to look for is an experienced, local team of experts that excel not only at what they do but at customer service. Also, look for an HVAC service that has flexible or extended hours in the case of an emergency—or have a backup plan should your AC quit working on a Sunday evening in summer. The better the relationship you can develop with your local air conditioning repair service, the better of an experience you will have—so start looking today!

Want to work with one of the best air conditioning repair services in Pompano Beach, Florida? Contact the professionals at Lucas Technical Air today, or click here for a no-obligation quote!