Boca Raton, Florida HVAC Services

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If you are a landlord, homeowner, or business owner in Boca Raton, Florida, HVAC units are likely an integral part of your daily life. Especially air conditioning can be a vital component to living comfortably and offering an inviting space for guests, clients, and relatives. For Florida residents who know the rather uncomfortable lifestyle of living in the sunshine state without reliable AC, understanding how to care for, interpret, and maintain your HVAC unit can help to set you up for success—even in the heat of summer or in the face of urgent repairs. In this article, we will address what HVAC means, as well as warning signs about HVAC maintenance. We will also provide some tips on who to turn to for Boca Raton, Florida HVAC services from a team of qualified experts.

What HVAC Means

An HVAC system is a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system that provides a home or business with total climate control—which becomes increasingly pivotal for buildings that exist in harsher climates, such as cold weather areas or, alternatively, high heat areas such as Boca Raton, Florida. HVAC services not only allow homeowners to dial in their perfect living temperature, frequently but not always via a series of ducts in the infrastructure of the house, but some even improve air control by filtering out dander, allergens, contaminants, and even pathogens!

When to Replace an HVAC System

Depending on the quality and efficiency of your HVAC setup, you will likely be set up for the next 10-15 years with reliable temperature control. However, a unit will only last this long provided it is regularly and proficiently maintained. While it is possible to maintain your HVAC unit once a year, especially in climates where it is continually running and “working,” such as Boca Raton, Florida, HVAC services are better sought out every six months or so. This ensures everything is in working order while giving homeowners a heads up of any potential upcoming problems that need to be addressed in time. The good news is, investing in HVAC maintenance can cost an average of $100 to $250; this annual, sometimes biannual expense keeps the unit at its peak efficiency for longer, reducing utility bills while also giving you plenty of time to save up for a replacement unit after your 15 years or so are up. Keep in mind, new HVAC units can cost between $3,200 and over $12,000—so it’s worth your time to keep your unit running as long as possible.

Can HVAC System Cause Carbon Monoxide Leaks?

The short answer to this is yes—if improperly installed or maintained, gas-fueled HVAC units can emit CO gas in an uncontrolled way. Of course, carbon monoxide can make humans sick, and it can even be lethal—so make sure you hire a Boca Raton, Florida HVAC service that not only has experience and expertise in proper installation and servicing—and don’t be afraid to ask about any precautions or CO-detection technologies they can add to your unit to ensure long-term safety for you and your family.

How HVAC Units Work

As the name implies, HVAC units rely on a heating system (generally a furnace or boiler), which transmits energy via a heat pump to a system of air ducts to transmit warmth throughout the building. On the other hand, we have the AC unit, which uses refrigerant to create cool air to be distributed throughout the house. Some of the primary components of your HVAC system include:

·      Exhaust outlets

·      Air returns, which bring air into the main system through a filter

·      Filters

·      Humidity control components

·      Thermostats

·      Electrical components, including electric furnaces

·      Coils

·      Compressor

Of course, HVAC system technology only continues to improve in terms of efficiency, cost, ease of maintenance, and sources of fuel used—so every HVAC system is different. If you are not 100% confident in your ability to troubleshoot your home’s HVAC unit, be sure to contact your local HVAC service like Lucas Technical Air!

Why HVAC Freezes Up

One common problem some homeowners face is when their HVAC system freezes, causing it to cease to function. Fortunately for the average homeowner, this sometimes comes with a simple fix—and one that might not require professional assistance. In fact, the simplest way you can check on a frozen HVAC unit is to check on the efficacy of your unit’s air filter. One of the leading causes of a frozen HVAC system is a clogged or filthy air filter, which, over time catches allergens, dirt, dander, pollen dust, debris, and even sometimes pathogens. Keep in mind, in an ideal world, this filter should be changed every three months.

If you are unsure what type of filter to buy for your unit and aren’t confident with how to replace it on your own, a professional HVAC servicing company can make short work of this project for you!

Boca Raton, Florida HVAC Installation and Maintenance Services

If you live in the area around Boca Raton, Florida, HVAC maintenance, installation, and replacement is an important part of not only maintaining a comfortable and inviting home (in all kinds of weather) but also investing in one of the most important aspects of home care: adding value to your property and making it all the more desirable should you ever decide to sell. Especially in Florida, new and well-maintained HVAC units can be a key deciding factor as to whether or not a tenant or prospective homebuyer is interested in renting or buying your property. For more on what to look for in a good HVAC company, check out our recent article on the topic!

If you’re looking for the best Boca Raton, Florida HVAC services, including installation, replacement, and regular maintenance, contact the established professionals at Lucas Technical Air for a no-obligation quote!