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Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

There are a lot of perks to having centralized AC and heating. It’s possible to heat and cool your home with only one HVAC system when it’s set up in this way, whether you opt for a heat pump, central air conditioner, or furnace. Central HVAC systems, on the other hand, necessitate the costly addition of ducting to your ceilings, floors, and walls if your home does not already have it. In the past, homeowners in houses lacking ductwork had to make do with spot cooling and heating devices like window air conditioners and space heaters. Mini-split HVAC systems are a more practical and affordable alternative to this formerly necessary and unpleasant method of climate control.

Homes without ductwork can benefit greatly from mini-split HVAC systems. A mini-split system uses an outdoor condenser and one or more indoor air handlers, which are installed individually in each room, to condition the air instead of ducts to distribute the conditioned air throughout the house. A little hole, about three inches in diameter, is all that’s needed to run the refrigerant-carrying cables from the outside of your house to each interior room where an air handler has been placed. You can heat and cool multiple rooms with only one outdoor unit by connecting it to four or six inside air-handling devices. To heat and cool a house entirely, multiple exterior condensers can be installed, each one capable of handling a different number of air handlers. There is manual control and remote control for each indoor air handler, so the room temperature may be set exactly as desired. In contrast to mini-split heat pumps, which can also offer heating for your home, mini-split air conditioners just cool your home.

If your home doesn’t have ducts but you still need a way to heat or cool it, a mini-split HVAC system is a great option. Mini-split systems are more compact and less expensive to install than ductwork, yet they can still heat and cool multiple rooms at once. Mini-split HVAC systems have automatic HVAC zoning capabilities, allowing you to heat and cool only the spaces you are using to save energy consumption and monthly expenditures. Mini-split systems offer a flexible heating and cooling solution that can be adapted to each individual space in your home by installing air handlers in a variety of locations, including ceilings and walls. These systems are unobtrusive and quiet, and they avoid the inefficiency that comes from duct losses, which can affect a central HVAC unit over time. Mini-split HVAC systems typically degrade in efficiency by less than 5% per year due to normal use, whereas duct losses can grow to as much as 40% if interior ductwork is not cleaned and repaired regularly.

HVAC Repair Services, Pompano, Florida

Even with diligent upkeep, your HVAC system may eventually break down and require repair. Your Pompano Beach, FL HVAC repair service will send an experienced technician to your home to identify the problem and take care of it. Throughout the process, you can count on superior craftsmanship and service aimed at reducing your energy use for heating and cooling your home.

A thorough assessment of your HVAC system is the first step to effective repair. This is typically necessary to determine the root cause of your present heating and cooling problems and implement a permanent fix. Your HVAC system and ductwork may need to be disassembled in part or inspected using a remote camera. Even if you think you know what’s wrong with your heating and cooling system, the expert will still undertake a thorough inspection of the entire system to rule out any other issues that could be affecting its operation. If it has been a while since the previous tune-up, your technician can look it up in his files and either do it then and then or assist you to set up an appointment for routine maintenance.

An HVAC expert will walk you through the repair procedure after he or she has determined the source of the problem with your heating and cooling systems. He will detail all potential issues and possible fixes before recommending the best course of action to get your HVAC system working efficiently again. Your home’s heating and cooling system will be back up and running in no time after you give the go-ahead, but if the repairs need to be done at a later time, your specialist will schedule a return visit as soon as feasible. If your HVAC system is getting on in years and you’re debating whether to replace it or repair it, your technician or a professional comfort advisor will walk you through the process, outlining your options in terms of systems and pricing, so you can make an informed decision. Repairs or replacements will start as soon as possible when an agreement has been reached to minimize disruption to your comfort and daily routine.

Once the HVAC system has been repaired or replaced, the technician will go through some basic maintenance procedures with you to ensure that it continues to deliver optimal comfort and energy savings for years to come. Some examples of such maintenance tasks include hosing down the condenser and straightening the fins of your air conditioner or furnace and changing the filter on them periodically. You can have a professional execute any maintenance procedures you aren’t confident in doing yourself by scheduling a biannual tune-up. Your new thermostat or HVAC system will come with instructions from your expert on how to get the most out of it and the savings you’re expecting. Your HVAC expert will finish up by answering any remaining questions you may have and making sure you are completely satisfied with the service he has provided.