Pompano Beach, Florida Air Conditioning Repair

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If you live in Pompano Beach, Florida, air conditioning repair is a topic that is bound to come up in your conversation sooner or later—whether you are a homeowner or a tenant discussing repairs with a landlord. You don’t have to wait until your air conditioning unit stops working to start thinking about this crucial topic, however, as improperly maintained AC units can lead to unwanted consequences like less efficient temperature regulation and higher utility bills.

So, what is air conditioning maintenance, and how often should you have your unit looked at—particularly if you live in a sunny and hot atmosphere like Pompano Beach? In this article, we will address what air conditioning repair often entails, how often you should service your AC unit, how to tell if your air conditioning needs repair, and more.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

For those of us that live in hot and arid or subtropical climates, our air conditioning units can mean the difference between extreme discomfort and a palatable living environment—or even survival itself! However, especially in warmer climates, these units are always working—and as you can imagine, continuous running necessitates the occasional checkup and repair. But what are the most common ways to maintain your AC unit?

The most common way air conditioning units require maintenance is through regular cleanings—especially of the filters, fins, and coils. However, there are also sometimes problems with the condensate drain, so be sure to have a professional air conditioning repair specialist check on this feature of your AC unit before they go. And finally, ensure that your doors and windows have a proper thermal seal, curtains or blinds, and/or double-paned glass for better insulation and easier temperature regulation.

How Often Should You Service Your AC Unit?

At the very least, it is recommended that property owners service their air conditioning units at least once a year—or even more frequently, for hotter climates. Especially if there are other characteristics of the house that might make the unit have to “work harder” to keep up with your climate control demands—such as a broken window, a faulty seal, poor insulation in the walls, etc.—it’s best to get your air conditioning repaired at least once a year, if not every 6-8 months.

Troubleshooting a Broken AC Unit

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that your AC unit is more likely to take a nosedive just when you need it most. While a broken air conditioning unit is an obvious problem during the height of summertime in Pompano Beach, it’s better to avoid your AC breaking down on you through regular maintenance, at least annually. However, for those of you who rent from a landlord, you may not get as much of a say as to how frequently your AC unit is maintained—even if it is raking up the costs of your utility bills. If this is a concern for you, consider having the conversation with your landlord or landlady about factoring in regular AC maintenance into your annual routine—and hang on to those utility bills in case they ask for proof of poor performance. However, if the unthinkable happens and your AC quits on you, you’ll likely want to know where to look for potential issues so you can help a professional technician to diagnose the problem. So, what are some common ways AC units fail?

The primary factors that can cause air conditioning units to become inefficient or faulty can typically be boiled down to the following three situations:

·      Dirty or worn-out parts in need of maintenance

·      Leaks, especially refrigerant leaks and broken seals

·      Electrical problems, like a blown fuse or circuit breaker

If you are unsure how to repair your air conditioning unit yourself, make sure to call a qualified Pompano Beach, Florida air conditioning repair technician to come and tend to your malfunctioning AC unit for you. Tampering with an air conditioning unit that is still plugged into a power source can be dangerous and is best left to the professionals unless you have prior AC repair experience.

How Much Is Pompano Beach, Florida Air Conditioning Repair?

Of course, the cost for air conditioning repair in Pompano Beach will vary by company and also by the extent of the repairs necessary to fix your unit. However, the average tune-up servicing costs in Florida span between $75 and $200 for basic maintenance—but anything more than simple fixes can run as much as $500 or more. Before you settle on an AC repair company, make sure you do your due diligence and research local HVAC companies in the Pompano Beach area like Lucas Technical Air, so you can be sure to settle on the best service for the right price.

Best AC Repair Pompano Beach, FL

You don’t have to wait until your air conditioning unit all-out quits on you in order to start investigating local HVAC services. In fact, maintaining your AC unit through at least annual checkups is recommended—particularly for those living in warmer climates like Pompano Beach. Whether you own a home or lease one, make a plan to get your AC unit routinely serviced so you can enjoy climate control year-round.

Looking for the best AC repair service in Pompano Beach to beat the heat? Contact Lucas Technical Air today for a no-obligation quote!