Lighthouse Point, Florida AC Repair

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If you live in Lighthouse Point, Florida, AC repair is an unavoidable part of life for landlords, homeowners, and business owners as well. While most AC units can do with annual maintenance servicing and last upwards of 15 years, any circumstances that may make it harder for your unit to function—from restricted airflow due to nearby foliage to a faulty circuit breaker—can call for AC repairs more frequently than every 12 months. If you own a property in Florida, you know how much you rely on your air conditioning unit for comfort and quality of life—and this hard-working machine deserves proper upkeep and the best chance at continuing to perform at peak performance. This is not to mention an efficient AC unit saves you money on utility bills as well! In this article, we will answer some Frequently Asked Questions about AC repairs and point you in the direction of the best Lighthouse Point, Florida AC repair service in the area.

Can You Repair an AC Coil Leak?

In an age where so many people attempt DIY projects and repairs, it’s understandable if your first instinct when you find that your AC unit is malfunctioning is to attempt to fix the problem yourself. However, there are times when there are simple solutions accessible to the average homeowner, and times that require ordering and installing special parts via the experienced hands of a qualified expert in the field. If you’ve seen liquid pooling up around your AC coil, it’s likely that there is a leak within the coil somewhere—so is this something you can repair at home?

Generally speaking, it is next to impossible to locate and seal an AC coil leak, as the component is full of twists, turns, and tight spaces. It can also be hard to diagnose if you are dealing with multiple leaks, a long hairline crack, or if it’s really as simple as a large leak. Unfortunately, there does not tend to be a “quick fix” when it comes to AC coil leaks—and this problem generally results in replacing the coil, air handler, or even the whole AC system. In short, if you think you might have an AC coil leak, you’ll want to call a professional technician like the experienced team at Lucas Technical Air!

Can You Repair an AC Compressor?

Unfortunately, if your AC compressor is broken or malfunctioning, there is no way to repair it—as it is the driving force behind the cooling powers of your HVAC unit. While repairs are generally out of the question, you will have to address the issue of how many pieces of your HVAC unit to replace. For example, can you get away with replacing just the compressor—or will that only partially solve the problem? Sometimes, a worn-out compressor is also an indication that the exterior cooling system, or even the entire HVAC unit, needs to be replaced. Fortunately, if your AC compressor breaks and you are in a situation where you will need to replace some—if not all—of the HVAC components, take heart in the fact that the compressor is actually the most expensive component of your AC unit; any additional replacements should not cause too much damage to the wallet.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover AC Repair?

The good news for insured homeowners is, there are in fact some circumstances in which HVAC unit repair is covered! Depending on your policy, most damages cost by hail or falling objects like trees are covered. So, if your AC unit suddenly quits due to external natural forces beyond your control, you may in fact be eligible for insurance coverage.

Circumstances that are generally not covered by insurance include natural wear and tear of components through daily use, or damage caused by neglectful or inappropriate management of the unit. Essentially, if the AC unit is damaged by people or throughout the processes of its daily function, it is unlikely to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance—but it’s always a good idea to check the specifications of your policy!

Can You Claim AC Repair on Taxes?

Unfortunately, regular repairs to your HVAC system do not typically come with associated tax credits—however, HVAC replacements and upgrades can be written off on your taxes. In short, if the replacement adds value rather than bringing the unit back to its original state, it is considered a “replacement” and therefore is tax deductible.

How Much Does AC Service Cost?

Of course, the cost of your repairs will depend on which parts need replacing as well as the extent of the damage—however, most annual AC repair tune-ups cost between $75-$200, with the national average hovering around $100. If you’re wondering whether regular AC repair is worth the cost, keep in mind that a replacement HVAC unit can cost as much as $7,500. Especially if the unit is used daily or almost daily, it’s worth the annual cost of having an expert maintain it for an extended lifespan and performance, and increased efficiency.

Lighthouse Point, Florida AC Repair

Your AC unit doesn’t have to be on the fritz for you to be looking for Lighthouse Point, Florida AC repair services that suit your needs and budget. In fact, the sooner you can connect with a reliable HVAC service, the better off you will be should you find yourself in need of “urgent” summertime AC unit repairs with temperatures climbing well beyond tolerable limits. Once you find a high-value HVAC servicing company, be sure to add them to your contacts should you need to contact them in the event of an AC unit emergency! For more information on what to look for in a good HVAC company, check out our recent article on the topic here!

If you’re looking for the most trustworthy Lighthouse Point, Florida AC repair technicians, contact the experts at Lucas Technical Air today for a no-obligation quote!